Monday, January 12, 2015


The president’s refusal to either attend the anti-terrorist rally in Paris, or send a high-level representative of the U.S. government to attend in his stead, is almost inexplicable except in terms that are unflattering to his intelligence, his honesty and his fidelity to western principles of personal freedom.

He seems congenitally incapable of seeing the links between Islam and terrorism. To admit the existence of these links would undermine his professed belief that terrorist violence is somehow not “genuinely” Islamic. Refusing to accept that there is a strain of Islam, rooted in history, that is and has always been militant and triumphalist (and decidedly retrograde in a modern historical context) is perhaps the only way that he can mentally justify to himself that his defining view of history - to wit, the illegitimate ascendancy of western privilege - is correct.

This is the infantile view of a deeply ignorant man whose depths of alienation from his own country and civilization have made him the most temperamentally unsuitable American president, and western leader, of modern times. Indeed, one is hard pressed not to come to the uncomfortable conclusion that Obama’s presidential aspirations were driven more by a thirst for revenge than by mere personal ambition or even by an egotistical belief in his own vision and competence.

He may yet succeed in undoing the greatness of the American experiment; however, I remain of good cheer, and pray that, when his presidency is done, he will have turned out to be little more than the equivalent of some pigeon shit on a statue of George Washington. Nothing that a little vigorous elbow grease in his successor can’t remove.

Why, yes, I have occasionally been accused of being overly optimistic; why do you ask?


HAL9000 said...

President Obumbler regards America's friends and allies as his enemies, and America's enemies and adversaries as his friends. Plus, remember his recent statement that the future does not belong to those who insult the Prophet of Islam, the reason the Charlie Hebdo staff was murdered. This snub to the French was deliberate and fully in accord with the Obumbler Administration's previous diplomacy. "Smart diplomacy" indeed!

This slight has to be deliberate, since Holder was in Paris at the time and was at loose ends on Sunday, since he did the talk shows by remote. The only senior American official in the march was our ambassador.

rinardman said...

It didn't become obvious that Obo the Clown wasn't there until people realized that you could see the faces of all the world leaders, because Obo wasn't there with his hand up, waving at the camera like a nine year old.

bruce said...

This whole 'western privilege' thing is really just an American peculiarity. I was surprised at local SE Asian crazywoman 'illride withyou' picking it up, calling her (Asian) self a 'person of color'. It must be spread by the same networks and people who follow Hollywood celebrities, but just like them, outside the US it looks strange. Increasingly from overseas, American blacks are appearing to be a bunch of selfish narcissists shielded from the rest of the world, living in a cocoon.

RebeccaH said...

Bruce, you have nailed it. It's one of America's less palatable traits. And American blacks do come off as selfish narcissists, courtesy of 50 years of do-gooder coddling by liberals.

rinardman said...

...American blacks are appearing to be a bunch of selfish narcissists shielded from the rest of the world, living in a cocoon.

In this case, appearances are not deceiving. A cocoon spun by fifty years of white liberals telling them they are still victims of slavery.