Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Boy, do I love snow

Not really; I hate it. But kids love it, including granddaughter Maggie, so as long as she's having fun, I guess I can tolerate it.

As always, click to enlarge.


bruce said...

A real sweetie, but she may want to destroy these when she gets more fashion conscious.

Paco said...

Hey, I hear plastic bags wrapped around shoes are all the rage.

RebeccaH said...

Remember, Grandpa Paco, that when the time comes, it is the parents' and grandparents' JOB to embarrass the grandchildren with baby pictures.

bruce said...

Friends, there's this classical music from Holland, they have their own website where they are going to put up their own first-class performances of all of Bach's works, a new one every Friday:


I recommend the Cantatas. If you ever enjoyed Handel's Halleluiah, try one. You won't hear better performance or sound. It's like hearing Bach fresh and new (and free). I listen on headphones. Those Dutchies.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Hey, Paco, welcome to Canada :-)

As a would-I-B-American, I would like a Walker/Martinez ticket.

Both Conservative, both real, both have won hard political fights.