Thursday, February 26, 2015

I really like this guy

Via Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, some great stuff from Senator Ted Cruz. A taste:
Cruz reminded everyone that Ronald Reagan didn’t lead a political revolution by worrying about positioning on a political spectrum to strategize how to fragment the electorate. He stood on principled conservatism unapologetically, drew a line in the sand, and attracted new voters and crossovers by drawing a sharp contrast. To paraphrase, if the choice is between two candidates who are almost indistinguishable, voters will choose their party’s nominee every time. Only by providing a real choice — and a commitment to stick to those principles — will Republicans win another presidential election.
Or, the GOP can just nominate plush RINO toy Jeb Bush and get whacked again.


RebeccaH said...

I like Ted Cruz, and I like Scott Walker. As far as I'm concerned, almost the whole Republican field so far is better than what the Dems are offering *cough* Hillary *cough*.

That said, I wish Jeb Bush would wise up and just stop what he's doing.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Or, the GOP can just nominate plush RINO toy Jeb Bush and get whacked again

What the USSA is going through now reminds me of the Canadian example of Robert Stanfield, the leader of the federal Conservative party throughout the 1970s. He constantly lost to the Liberals.

He was constantly praised by the Liberals as being a fine man, great politician and the best Prime Minister Canada never had.

Just say NO to RINO. The RINO establishment will argue that they must avoid being sent to the political wilderness. I don't see how much more in the wilderness the Republicans could be right now, majority doesn't seem to mean anything to them.

Robert of Ottawa said...

A Scott Walker candidacy will drive the frothing left absolutely mad. Hehe. Also he's got the track record.

You've got some good choices

Cruz, Jindal, Walker, Perry

Paco said...

Robert: You've inspired a new slogan - Let's put the "NO" back in "RINO".