Thursday, March 19, 2015

Great statesmen cannot afford to engage in acts of petty revenge

And then you have Obama: "WH Officials Say they Are Revisiting America's Stance As Israel's shield".

It is this kind of nonsense that may ultimately push Israel into the kind of unilateral military action that this administration supposedly dreads.


JeffS said...

If there are any great statesmen in the Obama Administration, they're hiding in the kitchen.

RebeccaH said...

Oh, did King Barry stamp his feet and cry? Not to worry, Mama Jarrett will make sure that mean ol' Israel gets thrown to the wolves.

Michael Lonie said...

"Never again" turns to "Come on, let's go."

If the USA becomes complicit in a new Holocaust, passively or actively, the country will be doomed. It will be a sign that the USA's moral reserves have drained away, with nothing left but delusions and opportunism.

I believe our fate is bound up with that of Israel and the Jewish people. If Israel falls, we will fall too. And we will deserve to fall.