Thursday, March 19, 2015

One of the engineers of the last financial crisis (and all-around douche bag) whines about being a victim of bigotry

Former Democrat congressman Barney Frank has written a book in which he complains, among other things, about the fact that the Washington Times broke a story about his then-boyfriend running a prostitution racket out of Frank’s apartment.

Yep, that’s some real persecution right there. No way would anybody have cared if a straight congressman had let a friend turn his apartment into Pimp Central. And if it had been a Republican congressman? Why, the story wouldn’t even have made page 4 of the Style section, ‘cause we all know that the Washington press is just a tool of the reactionary right.


bruce said...

Ah, the the renewed memory of Blarney Fwank:

Apparently there is a word in German, 'a face in need of a fist'.

rinardman said...


Barney Frank wrote a book...and somebody read it?

That's the definition of 'masochist'.

RebeccaH said...

Poor ol' Bawney. Evewybody is so mean to him.