Monday, March 30, 2015

Rubbing the taxpayer's nose in it

Building what is essentially a "shrine" to the late politician, criminal and traitor Ted Kennedy is bad enough, but using taxpayer money to help fund the thing is outrageous.

A statue of Al Capone erected in front of city hall in Chicago would be less morally repugnant, a library named after Boss Tweed in New York would be less insulting to civic sensibilities. The most fitting memorial might be a sign bearing an image of Kennedy, exhorting motorists not to drink and drive, affixed to a guardrail along Dyke Road on Chappaquiddick Island.

I can think of no comparable political figure on the right who was (1) such an indisputable scoundrel yet (2) whose memory is treated worshipfully by such large numbers of true believers.

Ed Driscoll has more, including details on the notorious "waitress sandwich" incident (and here's another indication of Kennedy's solidarity with "working girls").


RebeccaH said...

It's pretty well known that the Kennedy men, from the father down through the brothers and cousins, were are all horn dogs.

bruce said...

It's the celebrity culture, de facto royalty, but run by Mean Girls. That 2004 movie is based on the book 'Queen bees and wannabees' by Rosalind Wiseman. Before I saw that movie and heard from my daughter how high school is nowadays, I never knew such a thing existed. Now I think it's taking over the world.