Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday funnies

Female UFC fighter Ronda Rounsey breaks glass ceiling, interviewer's ribs.

Joe Biden outfoxes Hillary Clinton.

Feeding a bear though the window sounds like a great idea.

Hmm, m'yes...I believe I see a new business opportunity: Non-visible art.

You'd probably have to special-order these down at the pet store.

It's not too late for even an ageing yank like me to start learning Australian.

Carowinds amusement park near Charlotte, NC will soon be opening a roller coaster which tops out at a height greater than the Statue of Liberty (You go first).

It's got to be in here, somewhere!


rinardman said...

Hmm, m'yes...I believe I see a new business opportunity: Non-visible art.

Well now, it seems I've got a whole museum full of art in my head.

Where can I get a list of buyers?

rinardman said...

Oh, BTW, I've got a several really good movies floating around in there, too. Someone needs to open a non-visible movie theater.

RebeccaH said...

I didn't think James Franco was hurting for money, but he's sure come up with a ripper of a plan to con the gullible.

bruce said...

Aussie slang: with your illegals, you guys are missing out on the 'tradie' subculture. Sparkies and plumbers, cash and a handshake.

bruce said...

Dictionary says:
Australian slang for a person who's in the electrical trade. Believes most problems can be solved with electrical tape.
Bruce 1 "Sh*t, theres 2 metres of exposed wire there"
Bruce 2 "She'll be right cobber we'll just go over it with a bit of tape" (I think they have some Irish sparkies in mind there)

Skeeter said...

That's an accurate and useful list of current Aussie language traps.
One not listed: "knocked up". In Oz it means very tired, fatigued, exhausted. That caused much confusion in years gone by when we were entertaining visiting US servicemen.
Don't be daunted Paco. I will happily translate for you while you are in Oz.
Pay no heed to the claim by commenter Erin Beck (on Mental Floss's site) that 4 of the 25 examples are never heard. Beck says that he is from western Sydney. If he is from the southern half of western Sydney, it is unlikely that he would ever hear any intelligible form of English spoken.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Well it turns out that Obomber did indeed e-mail Hillary at her hdr22@secret_hiilary_e-mail_address_that_ive_never heard_of

In fact he only sent a few. OK ... so I understand their relationship was cool.

Here is the transcript of one of them:

To: hdr22@....
From: Me, PBUM
Subject: Banzai Benghazi

Hill, you old shill (joke :-)), look at this video on the web, it is our get-out clause. We can even have the guy arrested. Now, it's late, I've spent the whole evening looking for a reason, so just follow through. Also, get that Rice babe to double down on Sunday.

Your frenemy, Hussein

(Also posted at Diplomad's pad)