Thursday, April 9, 2015


Ted Cruz sweetens the deal.

Rand Paul announces his candidacy and immediately wades into the press corps, fists flying (and good for him, I say; a non-establishment Republican, to be successful in national politics, has to talk to the voters over the heads of the Dem-symp media these days).

Barack Obama chides his “fellow” Christians at a prayer breakfast, but seems strangely detached from the suffering of his purported co-religionists in those parts of the world where members of another religion are setting new standards for intolerance and savagery.

Scott Walker responds to criticism of his lack of foreign policy experience by a guy who’s had to wear a dunce cap so frequently as a result of his own ignorance of the subject that it should be retired when he leaves office.

See Marie say nice things about Obama’s Iran deal. See Marie get mad when man asks questions. “Don’t use big words”, says Marie.

Oh, and by the way, this just in from Barry's new BFF: "Khamenei accused the Obama administration of 'lying' about the proposed terms, being 'deceptive,' and having 'devilish' intentions."

Ah, California. Where that knock on your bathroom door might very well be the governor, letting you know that your shower time is up. And, of course, you can’t have a Grade-A police state without your vigilant neighborhood snitches.


bruce said...

Wow, water spies. Don't forget the children, so easy to get them to spy on their parents.

JeffS said...

California reinvents the Stasi. Jerry Brown must really proud right now.

bruce said...

Re Rand Paul: not my favourite but you really have a good spread of right wing views shaping up so far. It's a healthy start, better than many previous years. I'm a pessimist but so many good young aspiring leaders speaks well for democracy. Meanwhile the Dems seem exhausted. All is not lost.

RebeccaH said...

I'm surprised Governor Moonbeam isn't taxing the air that Californians breathe by now.

Robert of Ottawa said...

You've got some good potential candidates.

Paul, Perry, Walker, Cruz, Jindal.

Problem is they have to fight the GOP establishment as well as the MSM.

bruce said...

RebeccaH, have alook at this cartoon 'The reservoir is nearly empty':

- That's Moonbeam's brain.
Maybe it should become a campaign slogan.