Monday, April 20, 2015

Wisconsin’s still part of America, right?

Seriously, is it? Or did it get traded to Russia for a province to be named later?

In any event, politically-motivated home invasions by law enforcement strike me as just about the most unconstitutional thing on offer these days in terms of the ongoing disintegration of our civil rights. Plus, there is the not inconsiderable chance that someone is going to get killed simply by accident.


RebeccaH said...

I was appalled when I first read that. The Department of Justice ought to be jumping on that with all feet, but oh wait, Eric Holder.

Paco said...

It's been a long time since I've read anything that made my blood boil the way this article did.

Dad29 said...

And the "judge" who authorized it is an "associate" of the School Sisters of St Francis who hopes that "families" will be stronger in 'this economic environment.'

Like the families who were terrorized by Chisholm's storm-troopers, eh?

mojo said...

Consider this scenario:

Given a valid search warrant, the Lt. given the assignment details a sergeant and 2 officers to accompany an assistant DA to the residence. He also sends a collection team in a van to follow.

Arriving at the residence, the ADA knocks on the door and presents his warrant to the residents. He goes inside with the sgt. and 1 officer, second officer stays at door.

The collection team arrives, enters. Directed by ADA, they seize the items specified, and leave. The ADA thanks the residents and leaves as well, accompanied by the sgt. and 2 officers.

Better, No?