Monday, May 4, 2015


Andrew Klavan points out a simple truth, but one which we often forget, caught, as we seem to be, in the powerful maelstrom of leftist propaganda: "It doesn't have to be this way".

Col. Milquetoast catches unsuccessful Democratic politician Clay Aiken with his hand in the hypocrisy jar.

Nationalize the police? A bad idea that needs to be strangled in the cradle.

Let them eat arugula. The increasing divide between America’s self-appointed elites and all the rest of us.

In Texas, they take their free speech and their cartoons seriously. As someone pointed out somewhere – sorry, I can’t remember where I saw the comment – the difference between Charlie Hebdo and the Texas event was guns (to be precise, the good guys had some, too).

BTW, there's a pretty obvious reason why Bob Estes chose professional golf over a career in rocket science: "If you feel the need to mock Muhammad in a cartoon, just realize that Muslims may decide to exercise their #2A rights on you".

Justice, Baltimore style.

OMG!!! Scott Walker has credit card debt!!!!!! One wonders if media outlets really find Walker’s credit card debt alarming, or if they’re just displaying their sniffish disdain for a candidate for national office who shops at - gad - Sears.

“I say, Smythe-Pooter” [shoots cuffs and takes a pinch of snuff from gold case extracted from the pocket of an ornate sea green silk waistcoat], “isn’t Sears that establishment where the lower orders purchase tires and hammers and the like?”

“Why, yes, Pendragon” [looking in mirror, surreptitiously adjusts cambric neckcloth to disguise emergence of third chin], “I believe I heard my man discussing the very place with the upstairs maid not long ago. Automobile batteries entered into it, as I recall. It is, indeed, a commercial venue frequented by the many-headed.”


rinardman said...

Marilyn Mosby, it appears, is a hypocrite, an ideologue, and a political grandstander.

Shorter: Marilyn Mosby is the perfect Democrat candidate.

JeffS said...

Yeah, r-man, she's probably looking for a run at the White House in a few years.

RebeccaH said...

That Baltimore case will drag out for months if not years, ruining the lives of those six cops whether they're guilty or not, and there probably won't be any convictions. But Marilyn Mosby and Hubby will make out just fine with the black voters of Baltimore.