Thursday, May 28, 2015

Know the candidates

Scott Ott is writing a series of posts - "Seven Reasons Why [fill in the blank] Should Get the Republican Nomination for President". In explanation, he offers the following note:
"The presidential primary process doesn't help us to decide who's qualified to bear the party standard, and to serve as chief executive. It's just our way of crushing the hopes and dreams of anyone who dares poke head from hole. Because you already know all of the reasons why every candidate, and potential candidate, has no right to expect the nomination, I'm going to write an utterly one-sided series on why each one should get it.
He has just published an article on Scott Walker (and has also previously written posts on Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio).

It's an informative series, and no matter who you like - or even if you don't like any of them - it's becoming clear that the Republicans have a deep bench this cycle. Whereas the Democrats have, I dunno, the equivalent of Babe Ruth in his last dismal season with the 1935 Boston Braves (not by any means an adequate analogy; Ruth at least had a long series of accomplishments in his earlier years).


RebeccaH said...

I'm just waiting to see who gets the Republican nomination, because my little self has jack chance of influencing any of it. But whoever it is, he or she (I kinda like Carly Fiorina, as long as she doesn't screw up), that person will be a Mount Everest size height above what we've had and what the Democrats are currently offering. Even if we get somebody who's trying to be RepubEstablishment material, we still have the state legislatures and governors to put the screws to them, and an increasingly vocal middle/flyover America who aren't willing to take it anymore.

Robert of Ottawa said...

I like Walker. He's shown great strength in Wisconsin and will be able to withstand the political demolition campaign organized by ABCBSNBCNN.

HAL9000 said...

I like Walker and Jindal. Both are successful governors. Walker has certainly shown his strength of character, an important point for a Presidential candidate in my eyes. That's one reason I'm sorry we shall never have a Palin administration because of the character assassination meted out to a woman of courage, moral, political, and physical (commercial fishing is a very dangerous occupation).

I want a former governor. Fiorina and Carson have good ideas, but neither has any political experience. Rubio, Cruz, and Paul are all junior senators, just like Obumbler was. While the former two are, I think, much superior to Obumbler in ability and acumen (Paul I'm not so sure about), Obumbler is a lesson in not putting freshman senators into the White House.