Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lock and load (assortment)

Obama and the Democrats will never stop trying to disarm us, so it's important that we pay attention.

I'm not sure how practical a gas-injected knife really is, but it does have a kind of James Bond vibe about it.

Smith & Wesson is joining Ruger in ending most of its semi-automatic pistol sales in California.

One of my favorite gun video guys, Hickok45, demonstrates a replica of a S&W top-break Schofield revolver (I have two models, myself, and they are a lot of fun to shoot).


Veeshir said...

I used to have and Uberti one, I liked it but it only ate Hornady so I got rid of it. 45LC is expensive enough without having to feed it $2/round ammo.

As for the gun laws, AZ voters approves an "It's against AZ law to enforce unConstitutional Fed laws" and both Arpaio and Babeu are already saying they're agin the feds trying to take my guns anyway.

Paco said...

I have a Russian .44 and another one chambered in .45 Colt. I've used several types of .45 (including cowboy loads) and never had a problem. Hornady's pretty much top of the line, isn't it? Did you have trouble with fouling using other brands?

I'm looking forward eagerly to individual states defying the federal Leviathan.

rinardman said...

I'm looking forward eagerly to individual states defying the federal Leviathan.

I'm sure Illinois will be the first.

To cave, that is.

mojo said...

Gas knife is like a shark dart, I suspect.

Anonymous said...

Paco, it just wouldn't hit the primer hard enough.

I tried Remington green box and MagTech and it fired maybe half of the rounds, it fired all the Hornady.
Even worse I had a Uberti copy of a Colt Lightning and it fired less than a third of same but all the Hornady. If I reloaded I would have kept both guns, but I don't so I didn't.

Yes, that's the high end stuff.


jowdjbrown said...

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