Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bob Corker makes America a big s**t sandwich

Tell you what, Bob: you eat it. You’ll need to keep up your strength when (I devoutly hope) you get primaried next election cycle.

Allahpundit opines on yet another act of “failure theater” orchestrated by the Vichy wing of the GOP:
Corker’s the guy who brokered a “compromise” in the Senate on Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. Instead of insisting that the final agreement be regarded as a treaty, requiring the support of two-thirds of the chamber for ratification, Corker proposed letting naysayers try to block the treaty with a resolution of disapproval instead. The resolution could be filibustered by Democrats before it’s enacted, or it could be enacted and then vetoed by Obama. The only way to guarantee that the resolution will become law is to have a veto-proof majority — two-thirds of the Senate — willing to vote against it, a near-impossibility when the GOP controls only 54 seats. Corker, in other words, reversed the constitutional presumption that treaties are deemed blocked unless they receive supermajority support so that a final agreement with Iran will be deemed passed unless it receives supermajority opposition. He farted away all of hawks’ leverage, signaling to Obama that he could make as bad of a deal as he wants and all he’ll need to ensure that it gets through the Senate is 34 Democratic votes.
So now Corker professes himself to be alarmed by Obama’s deal with Iran, but, oops, nothing the Republicans can do about it because of…well, because of Bob Corker and the idiots who supported this act of legislative lunacy.

Betrayal or imbecility? Either way, Corker needs to go.


rinardman said...

Corker must be using his own brains for that sandwich.

JeffS said...

I vote betrayl.

Veeshir said...

At this point the GOP is just throwing us fish to get us to slap our fins together.

My food choice to prove I am not a robot is sushi.

Ugh. If I had to eat that I would prefer to be a robot.

Robert o Ottawa said...

Republicans certainly appear to be in the minority in Senate and Congress