Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Flag flap

Lots of people are weighing in on the beleaguered Confederate battle flag, pushing for its removal from state houses (which I understand) and its extinction as consumer merchandise (which I'll support the day Che t-shirts disappear from circulation).

To me, this is mostly an exercise in misdirection run by leftists in an attempt to libel white people in general, and white southerners in particular, and to obscure the real cause of high mortality rates within the African-American community (as well as to turn it into a bogus litmus test for the party of Abraham Lincoln). I'll just point out one fact: black homicides far outstrip the homicides within other racial and/or ethnic groups, and most of the killers are, themselves, black. I doubt that a single one of these murderers was ever seen wearing a gray kepi or sporting a t-shirt with the stars and bars.

Update: Even though you soon may not be able to buy a Confederate flag, there are plenty of other items available on Amazon if you want to offend somebody.

Update II: Haw! The Obama campaign had its own Confederate flag issue in 2008.


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SwampWoman said...

Yep. A Hispanic man, father of five, has become the latest statistic here for the crime of living in a black neighborhood while Hispanic.

SwampWoman said...

Seems to me that this is a "false flag" issue in that we're being betrayed by our elected officials while the news coverage is covering the squirrel of the N VA battle flag.

SwampWoman said...

OMG. I just googled "false flag" to see if anybody else had that idea but instead of passing horrible legislation, it appears that people believe that there may be an actual false flag operation in place that coincides with Federal drills. Hunh.