Tuesday, July 21, 2015

America: land of the cowed and home of the lame

More evidence that we're toast.

In the wake of the murders of the four Marines and a sailor by a coddled, privileged jihadist punk, the military brass - yes, ours - has advised recruiters to close the blinds in their offices.

Inspired! You see, your average Muslim fanatic is so dumb that, when he sees the blinds are closed, he'll just assume there's nobody home.

And the Marines - the freakin' U.S. Marines, for cryin' out loud - have been instructed not to wear their uniforms in recruiting offices.

Right, right. Jihadi Yusef comes in, sees a guy dressed in a sport coat sitting at a desk behind a pile of recruiting brochures, and withdraws baffled and dismayed.

All of this because, apparently, we can't trust our own warriors with guns.

Oh, and President Jughead McPinko Mulligan can't see his way clear to fly the flag at half-staff to honor our dead because we wouldn't want people to get the idea that just because Islam harbors tens of thousands of psychopathic killers, and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of fellow travelers, that it's not a religion of peace.

Forget the shores of Tripoli; we need a Stephen Decatur to sail up the damned Potomac.


rinardman said...

Maybe they should just close the recruitment offices, and adopt the recruiting methods used by ISIS.

They seem to be rather successful.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Forget the shores of Tripoli; we need a Stephen Decatur to sail up the damned Potomac

Perfectly expressed.

JeffS said...

Yeah, the reaction from the military brass is akin to a woman screaming, jumping on a chair, and shaking her skirts because a mouse entered the kitchen.


rinardman said...

It would seem the Pentagon has been taken out by a IPCD.

Improvised Political Correctness Device

RebeccaH said...

Why do you think Obama was purging all those military officers? So he could install his ass-kissing flying monkeys, that's why.

missred said...

Just when you think it is safe to go in the water......

mojo said...

Someone feeling a little less than secure, hmmm?

Anonymous said...

"Forget the shores of Tripoli; we need a Stephen Decatur to sail up the damned Potomac."

Hear, Hear!