Tuesday, July 14, 2015

So we're really going to do this thing?

It looks like the endless caving by Western powers has borne "fruit", as a deal is said to have been reached with Iran.

God help us all.


rinardman said...

And really, God help Israel.

I just hope the Nobel committee doesn't rub salt in the wound, by giving John-boy a NPP.

He'd just throw it over a fence.

RebeccaH said...

Watch nuclear programs sprout up all over the Middle East. Thanks, Neville Obama.

missred said...

Simply disastrous. There is a special place for all these traitors.

JeffS said...

Rebecca, most of the Arab nations will just use their oil money to buy nukes, at least at first; Pakistan and North Korea are always looking to improve their cash flow.

I'm sure a couple of oil countries will invest in their own infrastructure, but that will take years. They will want to get ahead of Iran's program.

A nuclear arms race. In a part of the world that's fully solidly tribalistic, oppressive, religious fanatical, trumped up Third World s**t holes full of barbarians, and lead by royalty with delusions of grandeur.

God help us all. And a pox on the Obama Administration and all of the cretins working in it.