Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Illegal immigrants

Nothing if not innovative:
A rock band returning to Britain in their tour bus after performing in France found an illegal immigrant hidden in a guitar case.


rinardman said...

And he got in with no strings attached.

bruce said...

Guitar case elves are who I blame when strings break on a stored guitar. Friend of mine has a customised Tony Iommi flying "V" which the elves got to. Only 3 ever made or so, one is Iommi's.

Hey I got into trouble on an open Ace thread by suggesting that Biden seems to be a clever campaign strategist. That's some poker hand he's produced. He's shrewder than Hillary. Not that he'll win but others may have to match and raise his hand, which I think puts a lot of pressure on choice of VP, if you think about it.

Deborah said...

One was in a "guitar" case? Was the guy a midget or dwarf? Or maybe it's the crazy Brit english. They call a cookie a biscuit. Of course, later in the story, the case is referred to as a "instrument" case. Then there is the question, what happened to the guitar?

Wonder what happened to the undocumented hitchhikers? We're they hired on as roadies?

Deborah said...

Off topic. Our condolences and prayers for the families, friends, and colleagues of the victims of the shooting this morning. Prayers for a full and speedy recovery of the wounded woman.

bruce said...

Amen, Deborah. Terrible.