Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The dumbest thing you will read about today

And that includes any stories you may have read about the revolting Kardashian family.

Blake Neff at The Daily Caller catches one Rick Perlstein denigrating, not the banner of the Confederacy, but the POW/MIA flag (in Newsweek, that sad, intellectually emaciated relic of legacy journalism).


rinardman said...


That's got to be in the running for dumbest "ever".

Deborah said...

Bet Perlstein has the Workers of the World Unite newspaper on his desk and, a Communist Party membership in his wallet. Why do these types not relocate to their envisioned paradises? I've offered to help pay for relocation to several of these folks. No takers. Of course, maybe it was the stipulation that the sign a contract to never return, and to be implanted with a chip as insurance.

Pearlstein is what happens with the absence of critical thinking. The kook-aid salesmen are happy for it.

One of his assertions is that the North Vietnamese learned their vicious ways from the French. This is applied to every non-Western society, with only the aggressor/oppressor changed. The indigenous people are always portrayed as living in harmony with their neighbors.

The vet is right in knowing that the Confederate flag was only the first. The day will come when the Left comes for Old Glory.

bruce said...

"...learned their vicious ways from (some western colonial power)."

I have to say, you mostly hear the most stupid versions of this from American college graduates. I studied colonialism at 'college' (University) and even the 'divide and rule' myth was totally debunked in my classes. The whole 'dependency theory' thing was seen as crude, patronising and yes, very racist - That is, it was recognised that people who assumed '3rd world' people incapable of doing anything except as puppets of the west, are the big racists. But none of the insights I gained in college got through to American colleges. And now Hillary wants you all to pay for this vast scam? As a 4 year graduate with high honours I am aghast and dismayed. (I work as a historian and we are also subject to the smug onslaught too, just barely surviving, but if the US Education System wasn't feeding this PC monster I think it would have died 20 years ago).

bruce said...

I cite Jane Elliott and her ilk whose cheap 'education' materials now saturate the english-speaking world with factless agitprop:

When they showed her education film to us as part of our teacher-training in the 1990s, we walked out in disgust. Apologies to my friends here: you're all good people, but people like Jane Elliott make me want to scream 'Yankee go home!' (and they are Yankees aren't they?)

rinardman said...

(and they are Yankees aren't they?)

No, Bruce, the proper term is "idiot".

RebeccaH said...

Next, this Perlstein idiot will be saying there's no one in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Jonah said...

This should take care of Newsweeks last remaining customers, the dentist office waiting room crowd.

bruce said...

"Next, this Perlstein idiot will be saying there's no one in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier."

He's learned the Chomsky lesson, that if you make your books extremely long and convoluted small minds will be impressed and no one's going to bother to argue with them. Yes good for the dentist waiting room.