Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gee, grandma, what a big gun you have

"More Seniors Now Purchasing Firearms".

Makes perfect sense, particularly as our civil society continues to break down. I'm too old to fight and too out of shape to run, but I have no trouble pulling a trigger if need be.

Speaking of which, I recently purchased a Ruger LC9S Pro (a striker-fired pocket pistol chambered in 9mm) and took it to the range yesterday. A sweet little pistol which I highly recommend for those occasions when concealment is key. I put a hundred rounds through the thing and was greatly impressed by its light trigger pull, low recoil, reliability and accuracy.


rinardman said...

Like Chuck Heston said: you'll have to pry my gun from my old, arthritic fingers!

I know a guy, who's also a senior, that's been thinking about a getting a new semi-auto handgun. I'll relay your recommendation of the Ruger 9MM. He has a couple of Ruger long guns already, so it wouldn't get lonely. And, he likes cheap(er) ammo, for lots of practice.

Veeshir said...

That was the pocket pistol I was going to buy because of all the rounded edges, who wants a pocket pistol with corners to catch?

But then I saw the Sig P250 SC in .45ACP.

Not quite as slim and hideable, but with my small penis, I like big calibers.

I will probably get the Ruger because of AZ's Constitutional carry laws, but I still love me some .45 ACP.

Paco said...

Nothing at all wrong with a big caliber. I, myself, have my eye on an EAA Witness 10mm (15-round double-stack magazine). I already have a Witness in .38 Super, and it has proven to be 100% reliable (plus it's one of the easiest semi-automatics to disassemble, in my experience).