Wednesday, October 28, 2015


What you might call a left-handed compliment: "Dem Whip says Ryan an 'outstanding' choice for speaker".


"President Obama Says He’s Not Going to ‘Take Everyone’s Guns Away’". Damned right you're not, you jug-headed peckerwood. And I don't need you to tell me that.

Even people who are ready for Hillary might not be ready for her stuff.

Hillary's a sure thing (you know, like the 1968 Baltimore Colts).

I wonder if Bernie Sanders counts the corpses of Cuban political prisoners to get to sleep at night.

Related: Hey, what a boon it was for the Cuban people that Che Guevara was able to overcome his asthma problem.

My favorite sheriff flicks another hysterical critic off his lapel.

Silly! Of course sleep is racist

H/T: Moonbattery


rinardman said...

Dem Whip says Ryan an 'outstanding' choice for speaker.

As opposed to someone who know...try to stop the Democrats from destroying our country.

rinardman said...

Silly! Of course sleep is racist

White privilege!

Deborah said...

If the Dems are for it, I'm against it.

God bless those students. That's a noble, worthy program. Nice to know this isn't the only city that has it.

Sure, right, Obama isn't out to take all the guns. Yeah, and I've got some desert beachfront property complete with a bridge and alligators. As the words on the Gonzales flag challenge, "come and take it".

Those poor people in the third world will soon be sporting Hillary and Bernie stuff. Isn't life bad enough?

God bless Sheriff Clark! Keep it up!

If making things illegal improved safety and life, then make Progressiveism illegal.

bruce said...

Hey I know, we should make crime illegal.

Wow, there are tags down there, who knew? Oops, got to close it.

Paco said...

Bruce: that's a good idea. I wonder why nobody ain't never thunk about it before.

RebeccaH said...

The Dems are ecstatic about Paul Ryan for Speaker. I wonder why.

Deborah said...

1) If the Dems are for whatever/whomever, then I'm against it. Don't trust blind squirrels. 2) God bless those HS pallbears! 3) To quote the challenge issued on the Gonzales flag, "Come and Take It". 4) Bernie's calendar features pictures of tyrants, sociopaths, & megalomaniacs. 5) So if Progressives were illegal...(cue Louis Armstrong signing "What A Wonderful World")

HAL9000 said...

He wants to "govern" by which is meant capitulate to the Dems on any issues when they dig in their heels. The GOP has heels, but none to dig in.

mojo said...

Wes Pruden? I thought that asshole was dead.