Tuesday, October 13, 2015

That’s ok, boys

There’s still all a’ them in’trestin’ articles to read. Ain’t that right?

"Sho nuff, cousin Paco! We was always big readers of Playboy (‘cept for Lester back there, who had to have the articles read to ‘im). It’ll continue to be the operatin’ manual for us hipsters here in Frog Pond, and a eesential guide to members of the local jet set (or rather, I oughtta say backhoe set, since we ain’t got no airport)."


JeffS said...

I actually had a long break in reading Playboy. When I finally opened up a copy, I found that they were printing on really cheap paper, and that the editorial content matched the quality of the paper.

After I checked out the photos, of course. Which were decidedly inferior to the quality I was used to.

So, no loss, all things said and done.

rinardman said...

I purchased a few Playboys back when I was in college, but being a backwards farm boy, the articles were about a world that could have been on another planet, and one which I had little interest in.

So I'm not sure why I kept buying them, after this realization. Hmmm, it's a mystery.

bruce said...

Always reminds me of when Jethro Bodine was setting himself up as an international playboy.


Max Baer jnr is one of the funniest actors ever on TV.

RebeccaH said...

We went to a Playboy Club once in Cincinnati when we were young and stupid. I thought it was all kind of cheesy. The Playboy Bunny had a rip in her tail, and the comedian was drunk.

Doing away with the nudes in the magazine is just a sign that they can't pay the top models anymore, and that the magazine is soon to be no more.