Saturday, October 24, 2015

Victorious liar

The only thing more disgusting than Hillary's towering mendacity is the fact that the news media really don't care - indeed, they seem to admire her for her eel-like ability to slip over, through and around the facts. To the MSM, the search for truth is simply a sport, and they have declared that Hillary won on points.

Is there any lie she could tell that would give her media fans pause? I doubt it. Is there any horrible truth about her that, once discovered, would trigger alarms? Probably not. Defeating her in the election may be the most patriotic thing some of us wind up doing in our lifetimes.


bruce said...

Her performance at the Benghazi inquiry is just sickening.

bruce said...

It's good to remind ourselves that this is not entirely new. Hillary has been around all our lives, steadily making her way to the top, like a lot of our popular idols (for some) who in recent years around the western world have turned out to be heartless evil psychopaths. Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris and others over here, I'm not sure of examples over there because your public culture is so different.

bruce said...

I mean this is like when they catch a serial killer, and you look back and ask, "How did they get this far? Why didn't anyone notice?". Or, if Hillary isn't the psychopath she appears to be, then we must ask what on earth does she think she's doing, lying like that? Who told her that's how a Sec State behaves?

But as for the media, most psychopaths set up protective circles of people and misinformation around themselves. In my town there was a schoolteacher who groomed teenage boys. So popular he had a circle of admirers around him. When my friends sensibly told him to stay away from their kids, the circle of "friends" turned on them. Luckily they were only shunned.

Paco said...

I cannot recall a more mendacious, greedy and corrupt politician in my lifetime who has gotten so close to the presidency. One wonders if there's anything beyond her own egotism that is propelling her.