Saturday, November 7, 2015


With respect to "sensible" gun control, Democrats continue to helpfully telegraph their true intentions; for example, in Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Barack Obama remains the all-time greatest gun salesman in American history. I think it would be fitting if S&W or Ruger or somebody came out with a commemorative pistol honoring Barry and all he's done for gun manufacturers in the U.S.

Obama has also been a boon to state-level Republican politicians.

Of penguins and microagressions.

Insufferable twit Piers Morgan tweets that he'll never let Ben Carson near his brain. Hilarity ensues.

Legal Insurrection surveys the war on free speech.

Beat him up, maybe: "Hillary Clinton Says She Could Beat Bill Clinton".

How lawless is Obama? Let us count the ways...

I believe that there's as much hair on the inside of John Kerry's head as there is on the outside. Here he is, talking more nonsense on Muslim vs. Jew.


rinardman said...

Yeah, I could maybe see them making a Barack Obama commemorative cap pistol. I mean, who would buy a real gun, with Obo the Clown's name on it?

And the brain surgery Pears Morgan needs is a brain transplant.

bruce said...

People specialise. Surgeons and engineers are similar. I trust them to be systematic and coolheaded, assets in a leader.

I would not trust a howler monkey blabbermouth, professional Spiv however:

RebeccaH said...

I will never look at penguins the same way again.

el Sooper Mexican's tweet to Piers Morgan was the best: "You'd need a proctologist for that."

As for Hillary beating Bill, ever wonder why he's made such a career out of chasing other women?