Monday, November 2, 2015


This fellow Turnbull sounds like a bit of a tick, at least according to Hal G.P. Colebatch.

Perhaps not all is lost, however:
For Australia there is one possible thought. Its greatest prime minister, Sir Robert Menzies, was, like Abbott, deposed by his own party (the same Liberal Party) after two years’ leadership. The second most successful, John Howard, was also deposed when leader of the opposition. In both cases they bided their time and eventually returned in triumph.

Abbott is a fighter — an outstanding amateur boxer with an unbroken nose. I hope that stands for something.


Deborah said...

Lefties are ticks.

bruce said...

Yes, bit of a tick is a good description. He's our version of a RINO, he regards himself as classical liberal, went to the best schools and think he's smarter than everyone. But our lefties love him. He's their pet "conservative".

Abbott in contrast is a social conservative, not so much a liberal. The Liberals aren't really his people. I always doubted he belonged with them.

bruce said...

Colebatch wrote a book about Stalinists working on our wharves during WWII, sabotaging equipment and supplies. I'm working on a local's memoirs where he recounts having to force unionists to load allied ships at gunpoint, then arriving on Pacific island under Jap bombardment to find petrol tanks of trucks being unloaded were full of water. Bastards. Stalin was happy if we lost against the Japs in the Pacific just to take pressure off the Soviet. Some ally Stalin was. We should have done the same him.