Saturday, November 28, 2015

Glad to see California still has some of the right kind of scofflaws

The L.A. Council passed a law banning all magazines that hold more than ten rounds, and requiring the surrender of any that are in non-compliance. The response has been what you might call underwhelming.


rinardman said...

I'm guessing this stupidity is (poorly) aimed at 30 round 'assault rifle' magazines, but would also cover a lot of semi-auto handgun mags that hold more than ten rounds. How many people are gonna make their handgun useless, by giving up the magazine for it?

Deborah said...

It's surprising that it took them this long. Years ago, Senator Diane Feinstein championed the ban on magazines over ten rounds. I'd love to take that witch, and the L.A. City Council to range with moving targets to see how effective she is under duress.

The Left must be nervous at this response. They're surrounded. But who are the "clingers". It could be ....BWAHAHA!