Monday, November 30, 2015

How long before the Swedish people break out the spears and pointy helmets?

Among the nations of Western Europe, the Swedes have demonstrated the strongest tendency toward cultural and demographic suicide, with wide open immigration policies bordering on the insane. Entire neighborhoods of unassimilating Muslims, mostly from Africa, have created a reign of terror, and a series of governments have done nothing to impose order (too busy tut-tutting at the blond-and-blue-eyed natives about their presumed racism, I suppose).

But there is a growing discontent among the heretofore phlegmatic Swedish majority, as underscored in this post at Zero Hedge. When even Swedes start talking about carrying guns when they go shopping, perhaps something genuinely momentous is at hand (On de udder hand, dem bein’ Svedes, maybe it’s yust a lotta chin vaggin’. Vee see by an’ by, I reckon).


bruce said...

It can be done, although numbers may be 50x greater than above. But I don't expect the Swedes to act, before the French and Germans. Something is brewing because young French are joining the military at a record rate.

Meanwhile, did you know there are 20 million dancing (as worship) Turkish Muslims, hated and hunted by Sunnis? It would be to our advantage to encourage these guys (after we help the ME Christians if we can):

If they ran Mecca it would be very different. The Germans say their enemy is "Salafists". It's a good start.

Zardoz said...

Sweden, the land of my grandparents, has been in decline for years. I'm glad I visited it 40 years ago when it was still a Scandinavian country with its traditions and lifestyle intact. Since that time the town of Malmo has become a Muslim enclave with "no go" zones for the Swedes. Now, with the invasion of "refugees", the rest of the country is in rapid decline. The Swedes are proud of their neutrality and openness but their naiveté will eventually allow a stake to be driven through the heart of their country.

As Paco says, it's time for Thor to grab the war hammer and take care of business.

RebeccaH said...

I see a rising tide of violence in the clash of cultures, much like the anti-Jewish movements of earlier Europe. Only this time, it's going to be a lot bloodier, because the Jews were largely peaceful and the Muslims are not.