Friday, November 13, 2015

Well, THAT'S a relief

Updated and bumped: Mr. President, I don't think "contained" means what you think it means.

Barry says ISIS has been "contained".

Look, I don't know who carried out today's terrorist attacks in Paris - by which I mean, of course, that I don't know which group of Islamist psychopaths is responsible for these particular massacres. But as the old saying goes, six of one, half-a-dozen of another. The various groups of radicals are not enemies, they are rivals, and all are dedicated to turning the world into their prophet's footstool. Containing one group here only means that another breaks out somewhere else (like when you squeeze a balloon). They've all eventually got to be eradicated.

Update: Maybe this would be a good time for Angela Merkel to announce that she's increasing the quota for Syrian refugees in Germany.

Lebensraum: it's not just for Aryans anymore.


JeffS said...

If Obama says the weather will be sunny tomorrow, I'm packing my umbrella.

Deborah said...

Prayers for everyone involved. Apparently, O
one of the attackers told police he is from ISIS. The three murderers at the concert hall are dead. There have been arson attacks in retaliation.

Religion of peace....

French 9-11

Deborah said...

ISIS is contained...within the borders of the Caliphate, which is wherever they say it is and raise their flag.

HAL9000 said...

I suppose Obumbler hopes his friend Vladimir will now take out ISIS, after the bombing of the Russian airliner. The French can help. That is, if they actually see the connection between what happens in France and what happens in the Middle East.

Problem is, Vlad the Empoisoner does not have that many disposable ground combat formations, now he's trying to retake Ukraine. The French are likely to need their army at home to keep the jihadists in check. I suspect they had better recruit more Foreign Legionnaires.

Trouble is, ISIS can be taken out only by ground forces. There are no ground forces in the ME that can do it except Turkey's army and Zahal. Turkey under Erdogan is more interested in fighting Kurds, which makes them an ally of ISIS, although ISIS is also Turkey's enemy. Zahal is not going to travel to Iraq and Eastern Syria to fight ISIS. Ain't ME politics wonderful?

The blunt fact is that if we want ISIS destroyed, the US will have to put soldiers and Marines on the ground to do it. Obumbler talks of containing ISIS, but the longer their Caliphate continues, the more support they will garner from other Muslims. They're on a roll, let's join the winners. Just as with the Nazis, the jihadists must be destroyed, and especially ISIS which represents the resurgent Islamic umma embodied in the caliphate. We were in a good position to further the war against the jihadists in 2008 but Obumbler, of course, threw it away, resulting in the rise of ISIS.

ISIS delenda est.

Steve Skubinna said...

Workplace violence. Because of a video. Random "folks" shooting other random "folks." Not true Muslims. Yeah, but what about those Republicans huh? And the NRA?

RebeccaH said...

Come on, what's a little terrorism? Climate change, now that's the real danger. His Magnificence and Al Gabor said so.

Paco said...

And the anti-Muslim backlash. Can't forget that.

Mikael said...

ISIS has taken the credit for it, and Hollande has confirmed that it was ISIS.

I know we all like to ridicule France, but you don't want to p*ss off the French like this. I'll wager you a six-pack that Syria and Iraq are swarming with French black-ops as we speak.
And the French are pretty good at this stuff.

Paco said...

Mikael: That's what I've heard.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Our boy king, Trudeau Fils, is still determined to bring 25,000 "Syrian" "refugees" by Christmas. I hope some adults, those that operate his strings, have a word with him. Idiot.