Thursday, December 10, 2015

Israel seems to take an effective approach to security screening

Which is why I imagine that our multi-culti, diversity-obsessed, safe-space religion-of-peaceniks will never go for it.

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bruce said...

I have a friend who's one of the gentlest guys I've ever known, originally from Grenada (West Indies), so he looks and talks a lot like Morgan Freeman. One time he was passing through the US on his way to visit Grenada and they made him sit in a cell at the airport until his plane out was leaving (Maybe he looked like someone on a watch list, maybe the stupid Grenadian Consulate messed up his papers). That was maybe 25 years ago. He's an accountant who's had a very rewarding career here, now retired.

I don't understand how the terrorists got in. Even in the 90s it was pretty tough when my wife passed through going to the West Indies: the last time she went. Is it when you get the magic Green Card, then no one checks?