Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday funnies

Appalling, yes. Intriguing, no.

A man crashed his car into a shopping mall as he attempted to time travel. He's technically "unidentified", but we all know it's Wronwright, correct?

It's a Canadian thing, you wouldn't understand.

Some questionable physics in this scene from "Son of Paleface"...

Oh, one more thing about Canadians: they go in for very clever Christmas decorations...

Jim Treacher and friends have some fun at Michael Moore's expanse expense.


bruce said...

Putin's got the Tardis, so Wronright was trying the backtothefuture technique.

rinardman said...

Putin's got it?

I thought so. What Hillary gave him wasn't a 'Reset button', it was the start button for the Tardis! I don't know how she got her hands on it. Probably used her feminine wiles on Wronright.

Oh, gross!

Minicapt said...

Another minor Canadian oddity?


Mike_W said...

Was any Sumerian Mead involved in the time-travel incident?
wronwright does like his Sumerian Mead.