Thursday, January 21, 2016


A massive snow storm is bearing down on the Paco Command Center. Better take inventory of essential provisions:

Tobacco? Check.
Cheerwine? Check.
Peanut butter? Check.
Shotgun shells (in case of snow zombies)? Check.

I'd say we're ready. Bring it on.

Or, maybe we'll just hop in the car tomorrow and drive south until we see palm trees.


JeffS said...

No comic books?

Stay warm!

bruce said...

Board games, Pacopoly. Hang in there.

rinardman said...

...potentially historic East Coast storm.

There you go, Paco, you're gonna be a part of history!

Deborah said...

*Matches to light tobacco?
*Bread for peanut butter?
*Battery operated lamps & batteries to find tobacco, Cheerwine, peanut butter, bread & shotgun/shells.

The window of opportunity to chuck it all for palm tree lined climes was last week.

missred said...

Whisky - check
bacon - check
steak - check
1000 rounds of ammo - check
I am ready

JeffS said...

Here's my snow problem ..... Link is updated and/or shut down as the situation changes....

Minicapt said...

We have a grass problem, it might require cutting this month.