Sunday, February 21, 2016


I didn't know Alabama had a foreign legion! From The Daily Telegraph:"It is not widely known, but Malcolm Turnbull is a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Alabama State Militia." (H/T: Tim Blair).


Old Sailor Man said...

Many citizens of our worried, jumpy homeland beekieve, with good reason, that PM Lord Wentworth knows nothing and cares less about the armed forces.

Old Sailor Man said...

Sorry, believe

bruce said...

Sailorman: you can't be happy about our hijabi captain Mona Shindy, at best she seems confused about wider loyalties.

I can't see Malbull Turncombe (Lord of Wentworth electorate) cares about anything except stoking his precious ego. And he's such a twit, now he's got the job it's as if he's frozen in ecstasy, so much in awe of himself.

No idea what that Alabama story is all about.

Old Sailor Man said...

Oh, yes, CN's islamic advisor, who has, I believe, been sent off to higher education in engineering. Used the bully pulpit and the official tweet thing to badmouth those of us who believe that the flood of her co-religionists is not necessarily a good thing.
A prime reason mt gave for his usurpation of Abbott, apart from the need to do better in the polls, was the need for superior economic direction. Well, the gummint is clearly bereft of economic leadership, and the opinion polls have labor and the Libs pretty much equal, with an election this year. When...???????
turnbull's successful takeover is very much like the dog who chased the car...having caught it, Fido had no bloody idea what to do next.