Thursday, February 11, 2016

Inevitability ain't what it used to be

Hillary Clinton, who once probably thought the most difficult thing about her run for the presidency was deciding what color pantsuit to wear at her inauguration, is now locked in a fight for her political life with a septuagenarian socialist who dresses like a 1970s floorwalker at Moscow's GUM department store, while she also tries to stave off four separate federal investigations.

My, how things do change. Not so long ago, Hillary's march to the White House looked like this...

Now, the view from the campaign is looking a lot more like this...


Mike_W said...

"a septuagenarian socialist who dresses like a 1970s floorwalker at Moscow's GUM department store"


rinardman said...

So, are we sure Burny wasn't a 1970s floorwalker at Moscow's GUM department store?

JeffS said...

The Dhimmicratic civil war continues!

'Never saw him': Now Bernie Sanders is under attack for lack of civil rights record from congressman veteran of Freedom Rides and March in Washington

Quick! More popcorn! Must have more popcorn!

bruce said...

No one called out the Obamperor's new clothes last time. I'm grateful this time for Sanders, having nothing to lose exposing Clinton:

' “Let’s not insult the intelligence of the American people. People aren’t dumb,” Sanders said. “Why does Wall Street make huge political contributions? I guess just for fun. They just want to throw it around.”

Sanders noted how drug companies make political contributions to keep drug prices up, and that Wall Street also expects favors in return for cash.

“Super PAC’s have raised more money than individual candidates,” Sanders said. “I’m the only candidate up here, of the many candidates, who has no super PAC … Look, we know things are tough, but go beyond establishment politics … our average contribution is $27. I’m very proud of that.”

Clinton also tried to claim that any Republican who makes it to the general election would be financially dependent on the Koch Brothers...'


Deborah said...

The buzzards aren't quite circling yet. Hillary had a lead in the delegate count prior to New Hampshire, and it will continue to increase. The Justice Department will not bring charges. The memorabilia makers are probably increasing the order for decorative plates.

Bob Belvedere said...

HILLARIA: The Once And Future Tyrant.