Thursday, February 25, 2016

Not so Merrie England

I think we're definitely seeing the shift from "decline" to "fall".

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bruce said...

Merrie England now means Jimmy Saville to a lot of people. We realise we were very naive, and the rosy days of yore are illusory.

London's first mosque was built with contributions from Winston Churchill in 1926:,_London

Muslims began building communities in industrial towns like Rotherham mid-1800s when they came from India to work in some of the early Industrial Revolution factories. None of this is new. Probably this only scratches the surface of decades old problems, but we have to start somewhere in eliminating it.

I know of similar problems with Indian Hindu gurus enabled by Hollywood stars, rape networks some on US soil or overseas. Some recently dead Indian gurus were probably the biggest rapists in history, and supported and enabled by rich (and not so rich) Americans. Those the FBI can prosecute they have:

I know 2 cases which were much worse than Prakashanand: those are 'Sai Baba' (Goldie Hawn's 'guru'), and 'Kreepalu Maharaj': biggest rapists in history enabled by stupid westerners and superstitious peasants.