Tuesday, February 9, 2016

President Trump

A British view: "I want to see President Trump – if only because of who he’d annoy".

H/T: Captain Heinrichs


rinardman said...

He makes a good point.

And, if he did pick Palin as VP....wow! the liberals would probably take up arms.

No, wait, they don't have arms.

bruce said...

I don't get all this. To me Trump is a bit of a Teddy Roosevelt, maybe rough-cast. And I think the US needs to get back in touch with its roots, that history when its prosperity was founded. Whether he'll fulfill that we don't know but there's nothing unusual about Trump as candidate from my perspective.

But if you feel you've left all that can-do bull moose stuff behind ok, it's for you to say.

And Cruz seems very qualified and promising, in perhaps a way we have not seen before. So that's worth pursuing too.

Minicapt said...

You need to read something like this:


rinardman said...

bruce, IMO Trump is mostly a populist, and a reality TV show actor who puts on a good show, and says what he knows his fans want to hear. Whether or not he believes everything he says...who knows. Will he make a good President...who knows? How do you know if he will, or not, if he isn't really who he says he is.

Ted Cruz, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. He's a conservative, isn't ashamed of being one, and you can see it.

Would I vote for Trump? Reluctantly, yes. But only because he would still be better than anything the Dim Party comes up with.

bruce said...

Thanks all.

Deborah said...

I want the concessions (popcorn, beverages, jujubees, etc).

rinardman, I'd join you in the reluctant vote.

JeffS said...

Ditto on the reluctant vote. But I'd console myself by hitting the concession stand, and munching nachos while watching the exploding heads.

bruce said...

Successful leadership involves a delicate balance between authority and delegation. Too much either way, micromanage or over-delegate, and failure results (ruling out the current fashion for whining passive-aggressive 'victim' leaders and referring to traditional leadership only).

It probably can't be taught or learned, so it must be just luck when the person with the correct balance succeeds. Even then they may be right in certain times, say peace, and not in others, say war (Churchill?). Of course the nearest you can get to being safe is to choose someone with a proven track record of some sort.

- Just saying. Haven't studied anyone's record in sufficient detail to be sure if it applies.

Gregoryno6 said...

He's already annoyed Susan Sarandon and Whoopi Goldberg. That's not a bad start.

Minicapt said...

I don't care; if DonJohn is the Republican nominee, I'm staying home.