Thursday, February 11, 2016

That's some interesting democracy you've got there, Democrats

Sanders beat Clinton in a landslide in New Hampshire, but walked away with fewer delegates.


rinardman said...

Wait, weren't the Dimocrats crying foul when Algore won the popular vote but lost the election to GWB?

So, apparently Dimocrats are incestual. It's okay if they screw each other.

bruce said...

In my circle of schoolfriends we were fans of the rock band "Chicago Transit Authority" later just "Chicago" and we eagerly bought each lp as it came out, for a feast of rock big-band music in brilliant arrangements, until they became a light pop band, ok but different to what they were.

So on the very first lp there was a piece which began with noise of a big protest, "The whole world's watching!..." And we wondered what we were supposed to be "watching". Even now I'm not sure but it was the 1968 Dem. Convention apparently, many weren't happy so they made new rules, 'super electors'?, which now support Hillary.

Byzantine, if you ask me. Does this mean the Clintons can buy votes?

JeffS said...

"Does this mean the Clintons can buy votes?"

1. Dhimmicrats have been buying votes since before the Civil War. Look up the phrase "voting the graveyard" for context. The Clintonistas are Dhimmicrats. QED.

2. The Clintons have been buying, begging, borrowing, blackmailing, and stealing votes since forever. They didn't want those speech honorariums to keep bimbobs in stock for Bubba.

So, yeah, they can. I weep for the Republic.