Monday, March 21, 2016

Boy, both Clintons are really on a roll

Yesterday, I agreed with Hillary's description of Obama as being "incompetent and feckless", and today I find myself sharing Bill's view of Obama's two terms: "the awful legacy of the last eight years".

Haw! Won't be long now before they start calling him a candy-assed pecker-head (although Hillary might want to wait and see if the FBI recommends her for an indictment, first; dissing Barry probably won't help her with the Department of Justice).


JeffS said...

Wow. Considering that potential (or should I say hypothetical?) indictment, either most of the DOJ is on the Clintonista payroll, or Obama is full on supporting The Bern. I imagine that Bubba and Billary sense a bit of weakness from Obama as well.

Mike_W said...

This might mean the Clintons have nothing to lose and are following through on threats to tarnish Obongo's "legacy" if the dogs are not called off Hillary.

So, will Hillary be indicted?

Paco said...

Mike: My best guess is that the FBI will recommend an indictment on lesser charges, and that the DOJ will decline to prosecute. Although some of her minions might not be so lucky.

RebeccaH said...

Everybody who is anybody (for good or ill) is backing away from Obama. Too little too late, in my view.

Mike_W said...

Regarding the chaos in the U.S.A., and the West generally, I found this 1974 speech by Robert Welch prescient, if a bit optimistic about defeating the bastards.

Maybe there really is a conspiracy to destroy Western civilization, especially the U.S.A.
Even after seven years, I still am in shock that the U.S.A. could elect someone like Obama as POTUS...twice!

Slightly off topic but speaking of pecker-heads, what is the deal with Bill Clinton's nose? Looks like he got it caught in something really nasty.

rinardman said...

Looks like he got it caught in something really nasty.

C'mon, Mike! Calling Monica Lewinsky 'nasty' isn't nice.