Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sometimes the bulls**t is so egregious, it makes me want to scream

President Jughead H. McMulligan gets it entirely wrong on Islam: "Fight Against Islamic Terrorism Not a ‘Civilizational Conflict’" (the whole thing is just Republican fear-mongering, as if you didn't know).

This clown is going to go through the rest of his life in an impermeable bubble of willful ignorance, completely secure from the prospect of ever acquiring a true knowledge of the world or of himself. He is the Dunning-Kruger effect personified, a man for whom mere intellectual obtuseness would represent an actual improvement over the feeble cognitive spasms of a brain not fit to serve as ballast on the Ship of State, much less to command the helm.


bruce said...

He's saying it's all about/because of US Republicans. So his civilisational conflict is with Republicans. The whole world revolves around Republicans, apparently. (Whatever he means by "Republicans": Archie Bunker?)

There's nothing else in the world but Obama's lifelong struggle against "Republicans". Bizarre.

rinardman said...

Just 222 more days.

RebeccaH said...

This is a man who never matured past his Choom Gang years, so how could he ever learn anything new?