Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday

Primary time in Virginia and many other states today, so Mrs. Paco and I will be ambling down to the polling place this evening to cast votes for Ted Cruz.

This is one of the craziest election years I've ever seen. I'd like to think we'll be seeing more normal times after this cycle, but I doubt that's the case. See, for example, Mark Steyn's long view of America's political trends. A sample:
The red state/blue state division has been horribly unhealthy in a civic sense: It's given us the worst of all worlds - a hyperpartisan public discourse that provides a tedious and pointless vaudevillian cover for the cozy bipartisan Washington conspiracy that's screwing over your future 24/7 regardless of who's in office. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia, Rethuglicans are always at war with Demo-rats, and hey, let's toss another trillion into the great sucking maw of the federal leviathan.
And the grim bottom line?
Long term, two things have to happen: America has to restore the integrity of its borders, and conservatism has to get a piece of the action in the schools and the culture. Short term, the GOP has done a grand job of screwing itself out of electoral viability.


Deborah said...

We proudly cast our first presidential votes since moving to Texas! (cheering!*) These historic ballots were cast for Ted Cruz. The first numbers started reporting at 9:30 AM central/10:30 eastern.

The perfect example of people who should not vote is the man who came in. The worker asked which party he wanted a ballot for. After a very pregnant pause, he said, "Democrat". Nuff said.

Deborah said...

We proudly cast our first votes for president since relocating to Texas! We are equally proud to vote for Ted.

We all know that some people should not vote. Well, that was demonstrated today. The worker asked which ballot he would like, Republican or Democrat. After a pregnant pause, he replied "Democrat".

They had a new fangled way of voting. It was electronic. First, you dial to the candidate and press a button to select. After completing the ballot to send. Interesting, but not trustworthy, in my opinion.

There was several problems with voting in San Antonio. At one site, workers got into a fight.

Deborah said...

Test, test, test. Posts are not publishing. Help!

Deborah said...

Oops! Sorry, my friends. Technical difficulties. Blog spot is playing "now ya see it, now ya don't".

bruce said...

Good luck guys. Certainly is crazy this time.

Old Sailor Man said...

From this old Australian, who understands the vital importance of a strong,wise and confident United States to the survival of Western Civilisation, I wish you good luck.

Paco said...

Thanks. We're going to need it.