Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trump romps

Sort of. He came out ahead everywhere except in Ohio, where the odious John Kasich pulled out a victory.

There are a lot of conservatives who seem to be rallying around the #NeverTrump meme. I'm attracted to the idea of #NeverKasich. I believe this guy is aspiring to be the Colonel George Armstrong Custer of the GOP establishment. One way or the other, he's just going to wind up lying face down on the prairie with an arrow in his back.


Old Sailor Man said...

I glanced at a very clever headline as I flicked through some sites looking for an update: "GOODBYE RUBIO TUESDAY!"

Paco said...

Haw! That's pretty good.

Old Sailor Man said...

Washington Examiner, Monday, with a "?", I'm told. Lovely. Right up there with a headline from a London rag during the Falklands stoush..."Stick that up your junta!!"
In the meantime, down under, everything turnbull touches turns to sh*t.