Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I guess these Muslims were just getting a jump on the future backlash

"Gang Of Muslims Savagely Attack Swiss Teenager At Train Station For No Apparent Reason, Beat His Head With Rocks".


HAL9000 said...

And nobody around helped him. I guess they're just lucky the Eritreans did not rape the girls. A couple there would not even call emergency when asked. Here is a nightmare vision of our future if our blue Lords and Masters have their way.

Heavy, strong walking sticks. If half a dozen men had them in that crowd, maybe they'd have intervened. As it was, they probably were all disarmed. Does Switzerland have concealed carry laws, like most of the US?

Maybe nobody would have intervened, even if armed with sticks or even firearms. They would probably be arrested, in that case, for the crime of harming a Muslim who was harming a Swiss. We can't make the Muzzies mad by resisting their violence, can we?

Veeshir said...

Yup, it's against the law to help him, self-defense is not a right in EUnuchstan.

I've been waiting for the backlash in Europe for a while now.

It's pretty sad that there hasn't been a backlash IMO.

As, I think Mark Steyn noted, the Muslims are acting like conquerors and the EUnuchs are acting like conquered.

If there's one thing Europeans have done well for most of history it's killing the other.

bruce said...

Please don't get drawn into Shoebat's fantasies. He extracts his narrative from Mark Steyn who at least knows something and notes that Toronto and the US are just as bad overall.

In Toronto Jamaicans have the guns. 50 years ago in the West Indies people only had machettes and you could walk in the street (with your own machette or "cutlass"). Now they can't even put out the garbage:

Because the blacks got guns. The British would never have allowed that.

My wife was in Germany and Austria just a few months ago and she also has lots of relatives in the US. She says Germany and Switzerland are the best places in the world. Completely different from Sweden and Belgium mind you, which are run by idiots and crooks.

Both Simon Schama and Walid Shoebat bother me, the way they pick up an adoring unquestioning audience in the US. It's a way of milking the US public apparently. Schama is a prick, though a clever one.

Some guy was attacked in Switzerland, bastard Muslims. Blacks too. Beyond that we know nothing.

My son told me about all the blacks on the stairs up to Montparnasse swarming around tourists and picking their pockets, I wrote to Paco about it 4 years ago. My son's learned to avoid large groups of blacks, or Gypsies, or Russians, etc, and he's had no problems and is still there. Large grain of salt needed. I'm deliberately echoing Derb here.