Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Looks good to me

The Treasury proposes to kick Democrat Andrew Jackson off the 20-dollar bill and replace him with Harriet Tubman. Moe Lane has a Tweet that reflects the ideal image of this gun-toting Republican.


rinardman said...

If they just put a hoodie on her, she'd look like one of Obo's homies.

RebeccaH said...

If they put that image on the $20 bill, I could get with it just because it would make so many lefty heads explode. But just using a portrait of an old black woman in a do-rag, whom most of the world never heard of, doesn't seem dignified somehow.

Deborah said...

The bigger story should be why are we making changes to the currency when the National Debt is upwards of nineteen trillion.

Harriet Gunman was a great and courageous lady whose history should continue to be taught.

HAL9000 said...

Lefties are going ape over the idea. When they suggested getting rid of some dead, white male on currency they had Angela Davis in mind as a replacement.

Deborah said...

HAL, Angela Davis should have been fired, at the very least, for her activites. In the '70s, I heard a tape from the big meeting of Black radicals in Berkley where she called for the killing (murder) of every White, and anyone who owned a suit.

She was rewarded by suits with tenure, its pay and benefits.

If her face had of been on the bill, I wouldn't have used it.