Sunday, April 3, 2016

The United (Hellhole) Nations is nothing if not predictable

"On March 24, 2016, the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) wrapped up its annual meeting in New York by condemning only one country for violating women’s rights anywhere on the planet – Israel, for violating the rights of Palestinian women."

Does anybody take this aviary of vultures seriously anymore?


Deborah said...

Paco, this is serious stuff. Up there with the plight of the Polar Bear. Those educational shows don't fund themselves. You know the ones that teach kids that Jews are apes and dogs, or how to behead an infidel.

HAL9000 said...

If anybody wants to cut down on Palestinian Arab terrorism and bring peace to their war against the Jews, cut off all the international dole money that goes to the Palis (most of which then goes to Pali leaders' Swiss bank accounts). If the Palis had to work for a living they would not have time for terrorism.

bruce said...

Good points 'Hal'.

They made sure no one could work for an independent wage when they smashed all the greenhouse industries Israelis had set up in Gaza. It would have let them escape their leaders.

Mike_W said...

I still reckon the U.N. building should be demolished and the rubble bulldozed into Turtle Bay, creating an artificial reef.
Maybe the turtles could make a comeback.
Won't someone consider the poor turtles?

Paco said...

I'm definitely on board with the artificial reef idea.

RebeccaH said...

Aviary of vultures is right on the mark.