Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Washington way

This article in the Washington Post about the Washington Metro subway system offers as good an example as any of how government’s capacity for High Suckitude is almost always limitless.

It’s also another reason why I think the federal government should be physically decentralized (so as to reduce the burgeoning inside-the beltway population of federales and the strain they put on the region’s infrastructure – not to mention the dangers to our liberty represented by such a large concentration of bureaucrats in this echo chamber of statism). With modern communications technology, there’s no reason the Dept. of Agriculture can’t be located in Omaha, and the EPA in Kansas City (or, even better, as a tool for triggering permanent attrition, Trenton, New Jersey and Flint, Michigan, respectively).


rinardman said...

The Dems are all about wealth redistribution, how about redistributing some of the richest counties in the US away from DC, where they are now.

Holding My Nose said...

I lived in Baltimore when the DC Metro opened. I made occasional weekend trips to DC to see the sights and found the Metro to be a wonderful way to get around the city. At that time it was shiny and new and efficient and safe. It continued that way for the few years I visited DC and rode it until I moved from Charm City in 1989.

It's a shame to read about the demise of what should be a world class rail system located in the capital of the super power of the world.

JeffS said...

Alas, this is all too typical of how government in general, and the federal government in particular, manages and maintains critical infrastructure. To be sure, I've seen lousy maintenance in the private sector, but that's the exception, not the rule.

RebeccaH said...

Genius idea, Paco. Of course, graft would become harder to come by, so that's why it probably won't happen.