Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy Feet Friday

Benny Goodman and the boys in a live radio broadcast of Clarinet Marmalade on the Camel Caravan program (intro by Johnny Mercer, and hot solo by one of my favorite trumpet men, Ziggy Elman).


JeffS said...

True story (at least, Dad said it was):

My father, a fighter pilot in World War II, met Benny Goodman a couple years after the war ended. He was in uniform, but it was a social occasion (i.e., Dad was partying), and he and Benny got to talking.

Some time during the night, Benny tried to recruit Dad to fly fighters for the fledgling Israeli Air Force.

Dad declined, but every time I see Benny's face, I think of that story.

Paco said...

Great story, Jeff! Thanks for sharing.