Wednesday, May 4, 2016

High caliber

B. Gil Horman at American Rifleman talks about one of my favorite calibers: the .41 Remington Magnum.


Holding My Nose said...

Back in the day I owned a S&W Model 57 with 8.375" barrel. It was a good shooter and the weight of the N frame with the long barrel took care of recoil. I hand loaded for it due to the high price and scarcity of factory ammo. After a few years I sold it to a friend who wanted to use it for silhouette shooting. Interesting that the bullet diameter is 0.41" while the bullet diameter of a .44 is 0.429", so the two cartridges are almost the same diameter. Power of the two is very comparable.

Paco said...

I have a Model 57 (6" barrel) and a Model 58 (4" barrel). I love 'em, but the double-action trigger pull is very heavy. Like you, I don't find the recoil to be too bad.

You're right about the high price and scarcity! I have never seen .41 Magnum ammo on the shelf of any gun or sporting goods store I've been in. I try to limit my online purchases to outfits that occasionally offer free-shipping deals - but, even so, the stuff often retails at better than a dollar per cartridge.