Monday, May 16, 2016

Minister without portfolio

And without pants, too, if I know Bill. In any event, Hillary wants to employ her husband as an integral part of her junta.


rinardman said...

Hillary - "Bill, the economy needs a shot of Viagra."

Bill - "Viagra you say? I got this!"

RebeccaH said...

Good job, Hill, vote whoring at its best.

HAL9000 said...

Trump can make so much hay from Bill's presence, both in the campaign and as a possible member of Hillary's administration, that she must be desperate to consider using him (admittedly she's been using him, and he her, for decades). The intern jokes write themselves. Or "That's what Bill was doing on that sex-palace jet with Mr. Epstein, studying how to revitalize the economy."

As for her silly suggestion that the economy does better with a Dem in office, just whisper "Jimmy Carter." You don't even have to get into how the New Deal extended the Depression by seven years. Bill's record supports the idea that the economy runs better when Republicans control Congress, but there is other evidence against that hypothesis.