Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Some astonishingly frank observations coming out of the UK

From the “founding  chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission”, no less. A sample of Trevor Phillips’ exercise of common sense (or uncommon sense I suppose it should be called, these days):
“Squeamishness about addressing diversity and its discontents risks allowing our country to sleepwalk to a catastrophe that will set community against community, endorse sexist aggression, suppress freedom of expression, reverse hard-won civil liberties, and undermine the liberal democracy that has served this country so well for so long.”
One more taste:
“We maintain a polite silence masked by noisily debated public fictions such as ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘community cohesion’.

“Rome may not yet be in flames, but I think I can smell the smouldering whilst we hum to the music of liberal self-delusion.”


Deborah said...

“Rome may not yet be in flames, but I think I can smell the smouldering whilst we hum to the music of liberal self-delusion.”

Progressive ideas are the tinder.

rinardman said...

A spokesman for the anti-racism campaign group Hope Not Hate said:"Yes, a diverse society does face problems and yes we do need to talk openly about the issues ahead."

"But people are already talking, across the divide."

Problem is, people like this spokesman want to do all the talking, and the lesser people should just shut up and do all the listening.

bruce said...

It looks like we were all fooled by the Muslims, liberal and conservative alike. For example President Reagan supported the Mujahideen (see the pics of him entertaining them in the White House), just as Churchill built a London Mosque and supported Muslims because they fought so well in the British army, as they had for generations. Their faith seemed dormant/dead, when Iran was the main threat, or the Saudis had no oil money, or Mecca was just a desert hole, and Arabs talked about socialism.

Pakistan fooled everyone too, including Churchill who took Jinnah's side (hated Gandhi). And the US gave great support to Pakistan. India found the Soviets were its only friend, from the 1957 UN vote on Kashmir.

Saddam jumped into the gap caused by the Soviet collapse in 1990. I'm sure he hoped to be the next Caliph and his men are still behind ISIS. Nowadays I wonder if we should have supported the Soviets in Afghanistan, better than a Caliphate.

If only we knew then what we know now.

RebeccaH said...

I think people all over the world are finally waking up. The question is, is it too little too late?

Deborah said...

People may be waking up, but will they actively engage to rectify. It means the willingness to stand for all that they hold dear, not from a armchair but "down in the trenches". They must be courageous to confront the Left on every battlefield. They must realize it is not a "weekend" struggle. War against evil is ongoing.

My experience as an activist on the streets of Los Angeles, gives me little faith in this happening. I pray for the sake of America, and the world, that the people find courage, overcome their fears, and head for the battlefield.

Old Sailor Man said...

We have the same problems down here in Oz, an election in July, and the position of both the Liberal and Labor parties wrt border protection are not well-defined, at least to me. The usurper PM Turnbull is a creature of the soft left, the labor mob claim firmness but cannot be trusted, and the greens...well, anything that brings down the West is great.

Gregoryno6 said...

Like Rebecca, I believe that people are waking up. There are even signs of it on campus.