Friday, May 13, 2016

Uncle Barry's Carnival of Weird

As Larry O'Connor says over at Hot Air, "if anyone wondered what President Obama meant when he promised to 'fundamentally transform the United States of America,' now they know":
The Department of Education will instruct every public school in America to provide “suitable” bathroom and locker room facilities to match transgender students “chosen gender identity.”
Who would have imagined, just eight years ago, that the federal government would wind up arrogating to itself the right to dictate the establishment of unisex bathrooms in public schools? I do not mean it facetiously when I say that Barack Obama is Public Enemy Number One. And note well how this lame duck, with less than a year to go in his horrible reign, is still assiduously dropping bird s**t over our Constitution and our culture.

Update: An obvious outbreak of transphobia in Chicago as restaurant patrons violently object to a man using the women's bathroom - and, um, choking an 8-year-old girl into unconsciousness.

Update II: Go Texas!


rinardman said...

On the bright side, it's good to know that Obo the Clown has done such a good job, that the only things left for him to address are bathroom choice, and that awful slice he sometimes hits with his driver off the tee.

Holding My Nose said...

Thank God we have a Republican Congress and Speaker Ryan to look out for the country. /s off

RebeccaH said...

If that horrible bathroom incident had happened in Texas, all the cops would have got back is basically a shapeless bag of meat.

Paco said...

HMN: Yes, stout fellows, every one.

Deborah said...

Texas Governor Abbott told Obama et al to "come and take it". If they withhold school funds, Texas will find the money.

"Come and take it" is a reference to the Gonzales flag with the words and a canon on it. The flag was flown at the Battle of Gonzales during the Texas War for Independence. The Texians flew the flag as a challenge to the Mexican Army. After a brief battle (skirmish) the Mexicans, who greatly outnumbered the Texians, retreated and left. The Mexican Commanding Officer felt he felt would be exceeding his orders to take possession of the canon.

HAL9000 said...

I find it unseemly, not to say illogical, that the same people thumping the tub for this transgender bathrooms chicken cacky are the same ones screaming hysterically about a nonexistent rape epidemic in the US. The progressives foisted this nonsensical argument on us, so while the world is burning, America's enemies are advancing, jihadists are trying to destroy Western Civilization (the better to persecute homosexuals, women, Jews, Christians, Yazidis, Hindus, and just about everybody else in the world), our economy is heading into another "summer of recovery" after the weakest recovery since WWII, and our cities are collapsing into almost medieval conditions of anarchy, our news reports are occupied with reporting literal nonsense, that is something that makes no logical sense at all.

The 21st century is not turning out as I hoped it would.

Paco said...

HAL: Correct in every detail. It goes beyond mere madness. There is something almost diabolical about it all.

HAL9000 said...

Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

Diabolical may be the correct term. The Compline Service (last of the daily monastic offices) hits the nail on the head: your adversary the Devil walketh about the Earth like a lion, seeking whom he may devour. These jihadists appear just as evil as the Nazis and Commies were. They may not yet be up to slaughtering millions, but they are surenuf working on it.