Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday funnies

Update (and bumped): Unwittingly appropriate.

Gersh "Lionheart" Kuntzman, having previously braved the perils of shooting an AR-15, now offers sound life advice on a range of other traumatizing situations.

Fidel Castro to HoJo's: We will bury you.

Socially awkward dog keeps to herself at pool party.

Paco Financial Services is here to help you. Now, about the collateral for your loan...

Another sign of the decline of the west: "Organizers of the National Hollerin’ Contest in the North Carolina crossroads community say the annual event has been suspended because of increasing costs and decreasing participation."


RebeccaH said...

I am a moderately good cook (when I feel like it), but there are times when those "cooking instructions" become the MO in my house.

Mike_W said...

mmmmmm... tinned food; and bloody hands.

Seriously though, every criminal organisation needs a good accountant, or several thousand; especially the U.S. government.