Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Thomas Pickering, rope salesman

Lenin famously responded to one of his fellows, who inquired as to where the Bolsheviks would get sufficient rope to hang the bourgeoisie, "we'll buy it from the last capitalist".

Thomas Pickering - former diplomat and one of Obama's army of grave diggers - has been particularly industrious in peddling hemp: "KEY BACKER OF IRAN DEAL WAS ON BOEING’S PAYROLL BUT DIDN’T DISCLOSE IT".
Earlier this month, an Iranian official stated that his country had reached a deal to buy planes from Boeing — the first deal of its kind between Iran and a U.S. company since sanctions were lifted pursuant to the Iran nuclear deal. The deal reportedly will be worth $25 billion to Boeing.

Not long thereafter, Betsy Woodruff of the Daily Beast reported that Thomas Pickering, a prominent diplomat and a former ambassador to Israel and the United Nations, took money from Boeing while vocally and influentially supporting the Iran nuclear deal. Pickering supported the deal in testimony before Congress, letters to high-level officials, and op-eds for outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Times.
Of course, Pickering is a mere suckling pig compared to the hoggish Boeing, which is perfectly willing to sell aircraft to a regime which is the most notorious sponsor of terrorism in the world.

Note - the linked post also points out another interesting fact:
[R]eaders may recall that Pickering chaired the Accountability Review Board (ARB) convened by Hillary Clinton to clear her of any wrongdoing in connection with the Benghazi attacks.
I'd say that the report's conclusions have now been thoroughly undermined.

"I can give you 25 billion reasons why the Iran nuclear deal is a good thing".

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RebeccaH said...

I always suspected that the so-called "deals" with Iran ... including Barry's cherished nuclear "deal" ... involved bribery and politicians. Not surprised at all.